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Troppy Foods beholds the motive of healthy eating. It's not at all necessary to avoid your favourite meal. Troppy Foods brings you the craziest substitute for meat from jackfruit and a healthy set of vacuum-cooked products in fruits and vegetables with zero added preservatives.

Jackfruit Nuggets

The chicken flavoured nuggets from jackfruit aim for a good
number of foodies since they are an all-time favourite among the
public. It has a crispy outer layer and is juicy inside. They are ready
to eat and not mixed with any preservatives.

Crispy Snacks

We make the best varieties in chips with the preserved nutritious value at each bite.
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Meet No Meat

The nutritious and delicious mock meat, the jackfruit is used to prepare various meat dishes.
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~ About us ~

Troppy Foods has the major focus on the manufacture and production of meat alternatives from jackfruit, and healthy chips from fruits and vegetables.


To introduce and serve the healthy alternatives of precautious food items from jackfruit so that it preserves the nutrient values along with the flavours, thereby producing numerous meat dishes which are hard to be distinguished.


To emerge as the leading mock meat company that serves the meat alternatives with jackfruit and food products at a good price, thereby preserving the quality and taste.

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