About Us

Troppy Foods has the major focus on the manufacture and production of meat alternatives from jackfruit, and healthy chips from fruits and vegetables.

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About Us

Troppy Foods has the major focus on the manufacture and production of meat alternatives from jackfruit, and healthy chips from fruits and vegetables.

Being the leading jackfruit trading company in the world that trades up to 200 MT per day, we focus on jackfruit since it has a meaty, dense texture that shreds like pulled pork. Our perfected-making jackfruit and fruit chips are 100% plant-based, non-GMO, and chemicals free which are crunchy, tasty, and healthy too.

Troppy Foods Pvt Ltd. has supported 4000 farmers’ livelihoods, transformed healthy eating, and improved humanity’s eco-footprint. Reach out to our products to make a healthy and delicious alternative for your daily needs.

Jackfruit, The King of Fruits

Troppy Foods present jackfruit with the title, “the mock meat”. The uphold
relevance of this miraculous fruit is underrated in the present generation. The fruit is too good if recognized without flaws. Jackfruit is low in carbs, fat, and calories, free from gluten, and does not contain hormones or GMO. Its fiber composition is super good and incredibly versatile.

Jackfruit is one of the safest fruits from pesticides and other chemicals since it is itself immune to pests and does not require any kind of artificial growth stimulation methods. It is itself capable to serve a huge quantity and thus does not ever hesitate, farmers or consumers, as it produces at least 3 tones of fruit a year.

The meaty texture makes it a perfect alternative for meat that can again be transformed and used in several unique ways. Troppy Foods is all set to utilize the benefits of this mock meat.


~ The Futuristic Choice in Fruit ~

Fruits are rich in nutrients, and fibers. But it’s a fact that they are immersed, injected, and grown in chemicals. It has been thus nearly impossible to believe in the health benefits of the fruits available in the market. But the case is totally different if your choice is jackfruit. It’s not just rich in nutrients and fibers, the key benefit of jackfruit
is that it is self immune from pests and other damages. It also does not require any type of extra care and growth stimulation methods. These plants are thus free from the need for pesticides and fertilizers which makes them a completely chemical-free fruit.

The nutritious benefits of jackfruit are of high preference in the current scenario. It is one of the best sources of healthy calories and optimizes the immune system. It is good for the eyes, prevents calcium loss and anemia, regulates blood sugar levels, strengthens bones, promotes digestion, and flawless skin.

Although the major portion of jackfruit is produced in Kerala, India, more than 75% of this safest, nutritious, and most organic fruit is being wasted. Troppy Foods takes over this iconic fruit to kick off the Jackfruit Revolution. We utilize the meaty texture of jackfruit to make numerous products, thereby helping and supporting the farmers to grow more jackfruit for a healthy future

Why switch over…?

Vegan foods or plant-based alternatives are highly preferred in the
contemporary generation. It gains relevance due to the fact that the increased consumption of meat or meat products has highly and adversely impacted health. Meet your cravings for the tastiest meal in jackfruit. Let’s go through the major health benefits of jackfruit meat:

Lower risk of heart diseases
Highly nutrients packed
Increased energy level
Enhanced bone health
Fewer carbohydrates and fat, thus low-calorie content
Improves the gut health
Builds muscle

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